For so long digital and web designers have optimised their looks to be light, easy to use and sleek. Brutalism is the the reaction of the fresh generation of web designers. It’s a lack of concern about what we cared about before and only seeks to get its message across!

A complete disregard for the predefined unwritten rules web designers typically follow and very far away from even attempting accessibility.

It’s hard to come down on any side of the fence for me, I’m always felt a prang of sorrow for the way bootstrap and similar frameworks took over and whilst of course these are great for beginners and certain projects it felt that the very character of designs was being lost and everything felt the same. Whilst brutalism certainly doesn’t care about frameworks and strives to have every creation be it’s own thing it also disregards the lessons designers have learnt.

I’m sure there are going to be some lovely pieces showcased but I, at the moment, can’t see this trend lasting too long.

You can check out more Brutalism sites on:

Awwwards: Brutalism: BrutAl wEbsIteS for mOdern dAy webMAsTeRS.

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