Git drive thru is a series of articles that take you on a whirlwind tour of using the GIT version control system.


As web development gets more complex, more tools are made to try and help us cope, however the idea of version control goes back to the early days of computing.

At its core, version control is a way that lets you keep track of changes, who made those changes and when. It could be argued that if you worked on your own, then version control may not be necessary, however it can also act as a backup system. In my opinion unless its a very small project, everyone should use version control for all of their projects and if you are working in a team it should be definitely be mandatory.

While there are various GUIs available, I believe that GIT is something that should be understood before you use it, it’s too easy to get in a pickle otherwise! For this reason the GIT Drive Thru series will be carried out using terminal commands.