Hi there! Starting out in the world of websites can be overwhelming so we’ll take this step by step! The first thing to do is figure out which area you want to go into, you can mix things up later but a general direction to start with can help pick a more suitable code editor (IDE).

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, just a snazzy term for code editors! Which are typically just word editors which cool features for code writing!

Editor for Web Design & Front End Development

Adobe Brackets

Firstly, the IDE I use and will be showing up in tutorials on this site… Adobe Brackets. Totally free, well supported, highly customisable. It’s pretty fantastic! If you’re struggling to pick an IDE go with this one.


Download Brackets


Notepad++ is the IDE I began with. It’s nice, lots of support and plugins! Definitely worth a look if you don’t like the feel of Brackets.

Notepad++ Editor

Download Notepad++

Sublime Text

A bit more techy than the others but so many extensions and customising makes this ideal for people going into more backend development. Bit of a learning curve also!


Download Sublime Text